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Chicago Wedding Hall Astoria
Astoria Banquets is a premier banquet and meeting facility nestled in the heart of Chicago’s Northwest suburbs. Centrally located, near O’Hare and downtown Chicago, Astoria is easily accessible via major expressways. For overnight accommodations, we partner with local hotels that offer discounted room rates and complimentary shuttle service.
We host a variety of events, including:
SOCIAL – Astoria Banquets and Events, Chicago Wedding Venue, Cotillion, Quinceanera, Communion, Commitment Ceremony, Funeral Luncheon, Memorial Luncheon, Sweet 16, Jewish Wedding, Indian Wedding, Pakistani Wedding, Mehndi, Valima, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Anniversary Party, Birthday Party, Baptism, Fundraiser, Prom, Dinner, Cocktail Party and any special event!
Banquet room rentals and venue rentals are available for: Corporate meetings, seminars, lectures, fraternal group and club meetings. Astoria Banquets and Events, Chicago Wedding Venue – Chicago Suburbs .

Check wedding packages and prices or request additional information HERE.

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The Kosher Coffee House

Hanukkah Feasts are Seeing a Transition.

Caterers have been seeing more and more people bring in ideas that are outside of the box when it comes planning a Hanukkah celebration. Increasingly, it seems
that people are looking for something new, while holding on to tradition.

With baby boomers getting older and their children leading holiday feasts, a transition seems to have taken Bet Kafeh hold. While their parents may have favored tradition, the younger generations are introducing new twists, such as healthier ingredients and cooking styles, and the addition of multi-cultural flavor profiles.

Many Jewish and kosher holiday meals in the United States are influenced by the Ashkenazi community, with ancestry from Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Germany and other parts of Europe. This is why brisket and potato pancakes (latkes) are so prevalent around the holidays. While many of these foods, including latkes and jelly doughnuts, are traditionally fried, many families are opting to tweek their recipes so that they are more healthy. For example, baking the latkes allows the outside to remain crunchy and tasty while the inside remains moist. And there is less trans-fat and calories than traditional fried latkes. An additional benefit is that the latkes can be made ahead of time, and be frozen for later use. The culinary industry is also being influenced by global tastes and techniques. Sephardic Jewish cuisine is quite popular in the United States, and is increasingly gaining traction in the mainstream. Sephardic Jews descended from the Middle East and North Africa by way of Spain and Portugal. Instead of brisket, Goldman notes, Sephardic Jews may make a Moroccan lamb tagine with turmeric and rice during the holiday season. A Hanukkah dinner may include couscous, burekas (turnovers), or a North African-style tagine as a substitute or complement to latkes and brisket. Cookies and cheese-stuffed crepes may be served alongside jelly doughnuts. It is becoming increasingly popular for Jewish holiday foods to mix ingredients and flavors from all over the world, particularly when different backgrounds and heritages, both Jewish and non-Jewish, get together for the holiday season.

Regardless of whether you are looking for someone to prepare a traditional Hanukkah feast this holiday season or something a little different, kosher or not, Bet Kafeh / The Kosher Coffee House website offers many options for finding a caterer or restaurant to fit your needs.We are here to help you plan the perfect Hanukkah celebration. Please visit for more details.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Rabbi for your Jewish Wedding Ceremony

You might be surprised to know that according to Jewish law, you actually don’t need a wedding rabbi to officiate at your Jewish wedding ceremony. According to Jewish law known as halakha, anyone with knowledge of Jewish wedding laws and customs may act to “order” the ceremony. A rabbi in Jewish law does not “marry” a couple, they marry each other. The wedding rabbi merely orders the ceremony along according to Jewish law. However, most couples obviously have a wedding rabbi officiate at their special occasion. Choosing this rabbi often has couples just starting the wedding process a bit confused.

How do you know how to contact a rabbi? What should you ask him? What is going to ask about us? What are the standard customs for fees, etc.?

Often times, this choice is easy, especially if you are getting married in your hometown synagogue, or perhaps a synagogue that you already belong. Given the number of Jews who are unaffiliated with any religious institution, couples often find that they don’t know where to begin or how to go through the simple process of finding a wedding rabbi. If you want a comprehensive list of local clergy, get in touch with the national denominational offices. The following is a resource list of the major branches of Judaism.

Once you have a list of candidates…

Once you have a list of candidates, you should find their congregation, attend a service or a lecture that they lead, and if you like what you see, approach the rabbi afterward and say that you’d like to make an appointment to discuss wedding plans. Obviously, when and where are the first things to mention, often over the phone. However, the rabbi will want to meet with both bride and groom – and only bride and groom, no mothers allowed. You will probably be asked at the initial interview about your family history and religious backgrounds, if any. You will also most likely be asked about common hopes for your marriage, etc.

Few rabbis will be surprised if you mention that you’re living together. Very few rabbis will turn you away on grounds of pre-marital sex or cohabitation, both of which are forbidden by Jewish law, but do not make a person unfit for marriage. Before you meet with the rabbi, think about weddings you’ve seen or attended. What did you like, and what did you not like? While most rabbis will be flexible with what you are seeking in a ceremony, it is not appropriate to come in with a list of “demands”.

Not just about planning the wedding…

Most rabbis will want to meet with a couple a few times to discuss not so much one’s wedding, but one’s future marriage, helping and guiding a couple as to what marriage is all about. If you make attending these sessions a priority, you will find and learn things about yourselves that will make a world of difference as you start your new lives together with your partner.

Paying the rabbi…

Generally, if you are a member of the wedding rabbi’s congregation, the fees are included in your membership. However, a donation to the Rabbi’s discretionary fund is appropriate and thoughtful. If you are not members, the rabbi will inform you of his fee. If the fee causes a hardship, most rabbis will do their best to help you out. If the wedding is held out of town, all the rabbi’s expenses should be reimbursed by the couple. It is customary to invite the wedding rabbi and his/her spouse to the party following your wedding. Be sensitive to his/her observance of dietary laws.

We hope that this guide to choosing a wedding rabbi has been informative. Please check for more wedding ideas and tips.

5 Ideal Wedding Gifts for your Loved Ones in 2017

Gift giving is truly an art form. It is one of the finer arts as well, since it invokes a whole range of emotions in the person who is receiving the gift. Emotions such as elation, bittersweet happiness, pure joy, and jubilation are all common when receiving gifts, especially during weddings. However, the situation has been somewhat complicated by the number of possible gifts and innumerable gift ideas one can select from in 2017.

To that end, following is a list of gift ideas which are ideal to give to your loved ones on their beautiful Chicago wedding.

1)   Toasting Flutes

Toasting flutes are among the most elegant of glassware, and are ideal for the crisp and light fall champagne. In addition to that, they make the ideal wedding gift, since they are classy in essence and can be used on a great number of momentous occasions, such as anniversaries and even birthdays, not to mention romantic toasts during the honeymoon!

2)   Programmable Coffee Machine

By far the most practical and beneficial kitchen implement for the busy couple, a programmable coffee machine will not only save money which you would normally spend on pricey franchise coffee, but will also be a massive convenience for when you need a hot brew in the morning.

3)    Kitchen Cutlery Set

There is absolutely nothing more useful in the kitchen than a set of wonderful cutlery. This is especially true for the bride or groom with a penchant for cooking and culinary experimentation. The ideal cutlery set can have 6-8 pieces, and will make a really practical gift for the couple.

4)   Chicagoland Banquet Hall

Who says wedding gifts have to be things that you can carry! In 2017, what with rising costs of weddings, a Chicagoland banquet hall will be the perfect gift, when booked for the marrying couple in advance. This way, not only can you present your loved ones with an amazing gift on their wedding, but you can actually facilitate their wedding. You can be sure that the happy couple will thank you for years to come!

Pro Tip: This gift requires a bit of clever planning, and you will have to ask the couple exactly where they want to hold their Chicago wedding. Once you have the place decided, it is all a matter of reaching the owners of the Chicagoland banquet hall first, and renting the space out for the couple!

5)   Faux Fur Blankets and Downs

The wedding is not all celebration and toasts, and there is the all-important wedding night to look forward to as well! In order to make that all the more romantic, it is ideal to buy the loving couple a nice set of faux fur downs and/or blankets to make their time even more special, not to mention uber-comfortable and luxurious. A faux fur down is not harmful to animals, so both you and the couple can have ample piece of mind!